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Spit Roast Caterers

an imageWe specialize in Spit Buffets

Spit Buffets specializes in finger food and cocktail food for your cocktail party, corporate meeting, convention or any gathering that you will have. We are here to serve you anywhere in Australia. We serve foods that are to be loved. Perfectly pick ingredients that are fresh whichwill give a genuine taste to every dish. If you have an upcoming event, contact us and we will have a talk regarding what you wanted and what you need. Any event is welcome.

Finger Food Catering

an imageWide range of Finger Food 

We have 60 items of food to choose from, making your own menu and by knowing the amount to pay right away. A work that is smooth and a hassle free, you don’t have to think a lot from it. We have this service for people who are in hurry and don’t want to look stress for the event. We have another option for this too. We have our chef; they will do the work for you, for they will be one who will choose the food with an affordable price that is just right for your budget.

Christmas Party Catering

an imageCatering for your Christmas Party

If you wanted a buffet style for any sizes of crowd that you will have for Christmas Party, we from Spit Roast Catering Sydney is here for you. We have a lot of finger food and cocktail food to serve that are tempting and appetizing and will add attraction to the said event. For every Christmas Party needs to have a complete service like Chef, waiters/waitresses, and bar staff, we can give you what you need with an extra charge. But this is optional.

Office Caterers

an imageCatering your Office Parties

Having an event inside your office isn’t a big problem, contact us and we will deliver food that are absolutely delicious anywhere you are in Australia at your convenient. If you will be having a business meeting, corporate event, convention or just a private event, we are here to serve you best. Serving food like our Hot & Cold and Platters menu that is to be loved by you, your co-workers and your guests. Check us out.

Wedding Buffets

an imageWedding Caterers

Spit Roast Catering Sydney is here to serve you on your wedding. Pick from our wide range of menu and create your perfect menu for your perfect day. We guarantee you a satisfaction that is just right for you. Work with us and let us know about the details that you wanted, whether you wanted an elegant buffet, a cocktail party or a sit down meal for that day.